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Behind the music

The thoughts and ideas behind music and lyrics is a journey, a creation process not structured or streamlined. Sometimes it takes years to complete a song, and sometimes it comes together and is written and recorded during a afternoon.

Here are some thoughts and ideas behind the creative work of Peter Friestedt

Peter about

  1. Creation

    "To create a song it takes more than chords and words, it is a feeling, an emotion and a vision. To catch all of that down on a piece of paper and to be able to share with others is the effort."

  2. Producing

    "A good production includes focusing on every detail as well as on the whole picture. Thinking outside of the box and at the same time to be true to yourself and your convictions is a struggle."

  3. Recording & Mastering

    "Control is the key to a good production of an album. The right equipment together with vast range of craftsmanship is very important in combination with a good advisor board to get constructive feedback."

  1. Timing

    "”The right chord at the right Place. Pocket is the main ingredience in all afroamerican music. "

  2. Sound

    "”Choosing the right sounds and effects to deliver a warm, rich and powerful sound is very important to me."

  3. Balanced

    ”For me the best achievements and the best music is when there is harmony in both the music and between the different musicians in the band."

In the studio

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